Online Data Backup

For a cost effective, scaleable and comprehensive online data backup service, Smart IT provides an easily managed and safer alternative to traditional tape-based backup systems. onlinebackup.png

Too many businesses get caught out when their backup application does not fully report on the success or failure of the backup process - problems only become apparent when the backup data is needed, which is too late.

Many modern businesses also have important data on laptops which is excluded from the backup regime.

Get better protection with Smart Online Backup. Smart IT’s ‘Smart Online Backup’ service overcomes all these problems by automatically backing up your critical data from your server, PC or laptops to a secure off-site location.

That data can be accessed online at any time.

Secure cloud computing brings you many benefits and greater flexibility to access your valuable data through an internet browser at any time and from anywhere.

With Smart Online Backup, you will never lose files or get stuck for that important document again. Unlimited versions of your data are also stored, so that you can access and recover historic versions of a file, folder or even a server at any point in time.

With prices for a 25GB account starting from as little as £5.99 per month including VAT, and 200GB backup costs from only £29 per month including VAT, you can easily back up your server and laptops with one account.

System requirements:-

What Operating System platforms are supported by Smart Online Backup?

What type of Internet connection do I need to use Smart Online Backup?

Security - Is my data secure with Smart Online Backup?

What do I do if I lose my encryption key?

Smart Online Backup uses an SSL connection. What is this?

Smart Online Backup Software Client:-

How do I install Smart Online Backup Client?

On how many computers can I use Smart Online Backup?

Can the software also be used on laptops?

How much storage space can I use?

How much storage space can I use?

Do I need to leave my computer on all the time?

What happens if my computer is off when a scheduled backup is to be performed?

What happens if my computer is not connected to the Internet when a scheduled backup is to be performed?

What files can be included in a smart backup?

How often can I make a backup?

Can I make an unscheduled backup?

How do I know whether a backup was successful?

Smart Online Backup makes incremental backups:-

What does that mean?

Why does the first backup of a file take more time than the following backups?

Why does Smart Online Backup compress files?

Is my storage space on the server based on compressed files?

Can I make a backup of several versions of my files?


Can I define the maximum bandwidth Smart Online Backup will use to transfer backup?

Is Smart Online Backup Client kept up-to-date automatically?

What happens if a backup is unsuccessful?

MS Exchange Server Backup:-

Can Smart Online Backup the database of my MS Exchange Server?

Do I need to shut down my MS Exchange Server when I make a backup?

Can I make a backup per mailbox on my MS Exchange Server?

Are the backups of MS Exchange Server incremental?

MS SQL Server Backup:-

Can Smart Online Backup make a backup of my Microsoft SQL Server?

Do I have to turn off my MS SQL Server when I make a backup?

Are the backups of MS SQL Server databases incremental?

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