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Smart IT Health Care

Medical Module

This Module will help in achieving the following functionality:

  • Creating Patient Registration of both the IPD & OPD types & maintaining a record of all the information of the patients.

  • Scheduling of the appointments & keeping a record of it.

  • Handling the laboratory requirements right from creation of the lab requests to the lab reports.

  • Maintaining a record of the prescriptions given by the physician to the patients.

  • Inbuilt ICD – 10 Codes.

  • Configurable to keep record of the hospital information.

  • Billing needs of the hospital

  • Creation of various types of reports like lab/ pathological reports, patients reports.

  • Creation of patient registration cards.

Sales Module

  • Fulfills all the Sales needs of the hospital & pharmacy.

Purchase Module

  • Fulfills all the Purchase needs of the hospital & pharmacy.

Warehouse Module

  • Helps in managing the Inventories of the hospitals & pharmacy.

Accounting Module

  • Helps the Financial requirements of the hospital.

Human Resource Module

  • Helps in the management of the workforce of the hospital.

Administration Module

  • Helps in creation of different users

  • Allows for different access rights according to the requirements of the hospital.